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FinHack is the event that puts together great minds from fields such as IT, Finance, Marketing and Business and challenges them to put their forces together towards developing innovative solutions designed for problems from Finance field, during 24 hours of coding, designing and prototyping.

What is FinHack all about

Problem solving: All participants must identify a problem from an area of the Finance industry (payments or finance literacy or accesability) and try to get to the root of it, without relying only on suppositions.
Developing demo-solutions: Together with a team of professionals from various fields, all participants will develop certain tools that solve the prior identified problems & will get real-time feedback on them.
Developing your business model: Good planning right from the start is what can set you apart from other players on the market. For that you need a good business model, a great pricing policy & an understanding of the financials of launching new solutions.
Building new brands: Each team will have the assignment of building a new brand, setting up its marketing strategy and collaborating with highly skills mentors from fields such as Media & UX/ UI.
Selling your idea: After everything is set up, the next & final step you are going to go through will be to sell your solution. Just like you'd do in a pitch where you have to impress the juries in order to win the big prize.


To be announced


Cool Mentor is coming


Cristian Dascalu

VC Partner

Gapminder VC Fund

Hackathon Moderator

Cristian Betea

Applications Engineer @Steelcase

Co-Organizer @ApexVox


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